Temasek Foundation Pinnacle Series


Southeast Asia remains a hot spot for emerging infectious diseases. The region is home to concentrated population centres with high levels of socio-economic diversity and mobility, diverse human and animal health system capacities, one of the highest rates of deforestation globally, and climate shifts that impact humans, animal and vector ecologies. Together, these contribute to a host of disease threats.

Running in parallel to the World One Health Congress 2022, the Temasek Foundation Pinnacle Series is a 3-day programme that focuses on readiness to combat public health threats in Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia. The programme provides a platform to strengthen networking and inter-collaboration between healthcare leaders and scientists involved in zoonotic diseases, bio-surveillance studies, pathogen discovery, epidemiology and pathogenesis of emerging diseases, antimicrobial resistance, environmental science and sociology, to enhance the region’s preparedness and response to emerging global health threats.


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*Please note the programme may be subject to change and will be updated periodically with additional information.

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